Jewish Messiah Prophecies of the Hebrew Bible

Jewish prophecies in the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh reveal the Messiah. Only Messiah prophecy can answer all your questions correctly.

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All these questions will be answered directly from the Hebrew Bible:

  • What is the Messiah -- human, superhuman, king, warrior, etc.?
  • How is the Messiah born?
  • Does the Messiah suffer, die and rise from the dead?
  • What are the Messiah's two missions?
  • When does the Messiah come?
  • How does the Messiah relate to the End Times and Israel?
  • Who is the Messiah?
  • How do 19 Jewish Messiah beliefs compare with the Tanakh?

Why Study Jewish Prophecy?

Jewish prophecies hold the key that unlocks the secrets of the Messiah.  Without prophecy, you will be led astray because you will not be able to discern between biblical truths and man-made falsehoods.

Let us start with What the Messiah Is.  Jewish views of the Messiah are varied on this question.  They include a mere human, superman, prophet, king, and divine being.  True answers can only be obtained from the Jewish Bible or Tanakh, which consists of the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings.  

Why?  Because only the Hebrew Bible has prophecies written hundreds of years before their fulfillment.  Many of these prophecies concern the Messiah.  Only God can write about futures events that happen exactly as predicted!  Prophecies about Israel are prime examples.

Here is one prophecy from Hosea 3:4 that is still in force today:

4For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, and without teraphim:

Jewish prophecies reveal God speaking to us through the prophets.  The Hebrew Bible says not to rely on man’s wisdom such as commentaries, traditions, or other non-Biblical sources.  One must only seek answers from the Hebrew Bible and not approach this study with preconceived ideas or prejudices. 

Please study the sections in order.  Skipping around will cause confusion and incorrect conclusions.

We start by confronting a difficult mystery in the Hebrew Bible in order to discover what the Messiah is.  But the mystery will be solved in the next section.  This mystery has a direct impact in our search for prophecy answers.  So put on your thinking caps as we do do some detective work to gather important evidence.

Note: The large red numbers like compares Jewish beliefs to the Hebrew Bible to see if they agree.  In the Tanakh, God is spelled out and is not abbreviated G-d.  It will be spelled out here like in the Hebrew Bible.

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